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 Loft conversion in Wolverhampton

 Two bedroom semi- detached house.

Prior to the lock down starting we started this loft in Wolverhampton, now the lock down is releasing our customers allow us to finish our projects, thankfully all our customers are safe and well. 
A lovely and bright large bedroom for our customers model planes boats etc.
Two & three bed semi detached properties are the most popular design, this house will not only benefit from the large bedroom, the amount of space taken from the landing and main bedroom is minimal given we can use a cupboard that currently houses the boiler and reposition this in the loft, all building & planning regulations were obtained by us.
The difficulty was the stairs, well this is always a brain scratcher, with the experience we have we came up with a very simple solution, move the wall to the existing bedroom/stairs and entrance over the existing stairs, as the job progresses you will see the idea come into view.
Externally we are using antique brown tiles that are similar to the existing roof tiles, and new white upvc finish to the loft windows, and velux to the front.