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Solar Hot Water System

By harnessing the sun's natural energy, you could typically reduce your household's CO2 emissions by more than 500kg each year. That extra efficiency translates directly into savings - a VELUX Solar Hot Water system could provide up to 70% of your home's hot water requirements, cutting your energy bills dramatically. Taking into consideration the spiralling prices of domestic energy this may be the optimum time to consider the benefits of renewable energy.

Employing exceptional design standards, the VELUX Solar Hot Water system is a complete system that is easily integrated into good house design, conforming to the latest Government renewable energy initiatives.

Design Features of the VELUX Solar Hot Water system

  • Exceptional design standards
  • Aesthetically pleasing integrated collectors
  • Can be combined with existing or new VELUX roof windows

Cost Effective Solution

  • Complete solar system for hotwater.
  • Can provide up to 70% of your home's hot water requirements
  • Solar energy systems take advantage of the sun's free energy, all year round
  • Government incentives are in place, which could mean quite a considerable saving

What's different about the VELUX solar hot water system?

We've got more than 50 years' experience of roof integration. So we've been able to develop solar collectors that can be fitted easily, quickly and efficiently as they integrate into your roof. They even save you money, as you don't need as much roofing material. The result is a flush, sleek finish, with the collector looking like a part of the building design, not an 'add-on'.

For more information visit the Velux Carbon Neutral Home website:

"While we were looking forward to the end product, I was not looking forward to the work to be carried out and the mess. But I can honestly say that the mess was no way as bad as I feared due to the lads clearing up everyday before they left. The lads were brilliant, we had no worries regarding leaving them in the house whilst we were out at work and must admit that at the end of the job they felt like family coming and going rather than workmen."

V Riley