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Loft Conversion in Stratford upon Avon


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Stratford upon Avon loft conversion 
This beautiful end of terrace property tucked away in Shottery near Stratford upon Avon will benefit this family with a fifth bedroom and ensuite.
The stairs will rise over the existing stairs matching into the already lovely staircase onto a fantastic landing within the loft, two pitched roof dormas to the rear looking out over the garden, to the front and due to this property lying within the conservation area will have two Conservation velux windows that will illuminate the ensuite and bedroom.
Between the two rear dormas (during construction) we were asked how daylight could be put onto the first floor landing, we installed a third conservation velux, this will now light up the landing below on the first floor, there was no natural daylight available and so this was a very satisfactory idea.
Not only do we obtain all the necessary local authority approvals and party wall agreements, we work with the clients and the local planning authority to achieve the best possible outcome prior to starting.