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    "Truss roof loft conversions" 




  From a terraced to a  large detached house.



"Truss Roofs"  are very complicated structures to convert IF you do not know what you are doing, here at Mainpride we specialise in "Truss roof loft conversions!", dont be put off by others give us a call, we can make your "Truss roof loft conversions!" become a reality at an affordable cost, we have done 100's of "Truss roof loft conversions!".
There has not been a property with a "Truss Roof" that we have not been able to do, from angled properties with "Truss Roofs" to straight ridge line properties with "Truss Roofs", terraced, semi detatched, detatched, we have had clients saying they have been told it cannot be done, Mainpride have then built it and clients are now living in them. 
The "Truss Roof" design was introduced to the housing market in the 1950's, with the invention of the metal truss plate by Carroll Sanford and the concept of using it to connect pieces of lumber, this way of creating the roof structure made it possible to use smaller timbers and the most important design was not having to depend on load bearing walls to support them, our design team many many years ago developed a design that will hold up the "Truss Roof" and create a new room or rooms without the need to remove the roof.
The room within the loft may have a single Velux roof light or multiple Velux's to a dorma window, we can give you exactly what you want for your "Truss roof loft conversions!"