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Loft conversion in Wheaton Aston Staffordshire


A beautiful cottage with a big heart, our clients proud paramedics, requested some loft conversion ideas our service and experience to create a bedroom for their teenage son.
As you will see the stairs are space savers, alternating treads allow you to rise quicker thus taking up less room, all this is done within building regulation's, these particular stairs were taken off the landing,along  with a gable window sourced from the original company that supplied and fitted the windows in the rest of the cottage installed at the top on the landing.
A Velux to the rear give's ample daylight and ventilation to the room.
We left the purlins (beams) exposed to keep some authenticity to the cottage.
The difficult part as with all loft conversions is how to satisfy building regulations regarding fire separation.
At ground floor, the original staircase started in the front room, (like all cottages of that era) we did not want to spoil the character of the cottage by installing a partition around the stairs with a fire door, our solution was a misting system.
A system was installed in the front room to give a 20 minute mist of water, this would in the unfortunate case that a fire starts be dowsed by the mist thus giving the occupants time to vacate the property. 
Building regulations signed off on this and as you can see a lovely room has been created.